Giving to the Oaks

Giving to the Oaks

Your investment in the Oaks Leadership Scholars program helps ensure the future of a program that invests in the capacity of NC State students who will change the world

The Oaks Leadership Scholars is NC State’s newest leadership development program for undergraduates, and the only program of its kind in the nation. While The Oaks hasn’t been around long, it has made a significant impact in the NC State community and beyond, including being awarded a Chancellor’s Creating Community award for Outstanding Student Organization and receiving an Association of Leadership Educators’ Mini-Grant for programmatic support. Additionally, The Oaks has been the subject of several peer reviewed scholarly articles, and was the driving subject matter of the book Transformative Leadership in Action, the 2020 featured book at the International Leadership Association Global Conference. 

In it’s short history, student leadership development has been enabled largely by generous support from the university and private donors of all stripes. However, as the program continues to grow, new gifts to The Oaks Leadership program are essential, and graciously managed by the NC State Office of Development. These gifts have, and will continue to expand, the depth and breadth of our programmatic impact.


There are two ways to give to the Oaks Scholar Program:

Oaks Scholars Endowments

While cash gifts for current use are vitally important, endowments are the bedrock of all great universities. Endowments provide certain, steady support in perpetuity. Your multi-year or one-time pledge of $25,000 or more is immediately invested and, when fully funded, produces annual income to support the Oaks Leadership Scholars Program for years to come. 

Oaks Enrichment Funds

These funds have been established by alumni and other community leaders who believe in the impact that the program instills in its participants. Annual, recurring or sustaining gifts of $10-$20,000 help us operate the program and provide enhancement activities for our Scholars.

“Oaks has shifted the way that I define leadership for the better. My project, especially, has given me a sense of the ways that I could contribute to helping build a society where everyone has support and an opportunity to succeed.”

Iliana Claudio (Oaks Class ‘21/NCSU Class ‘21)

The Oaks Leadership Scholars Program is a collaborative effort between DASA and CALS. Funds supporting the Oaks Leadership Scholars Program are collected and managed by The North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc. (Tax ID 56-6049304), a nonprofit 501(c)3. You will receive an official receipt for your donation.