Selection Criteria

  1. Candidates must be current undergraduates at NC State University, with at least one year left in their degree plan. All majors are welcome to apply.
  2. We want Scholars who are willing to learn, grow, and stretch themselves. Open-mindedness, a willingness to learn, moral courage, an ability to engage in systems thinking, and desire to be agents of change are required. 
  3. Scholars should be ready to focus on their own leadership development while engaging in the work of developing others. The Oaks is first, and more importantly, a leadership scholars program, so Scholars must be ready to engage in the discipline of leadership.  
  4. Scholars should understand their own positionality and social location, how it advantages or disadvantages them, and how it might advantage or disadvantage others. Scholars need to demonstrate a willingness to see their interconnectedness and interdependence on others.
  5. Scholars must be willing to engage fully in the Oaks Leadership Scholars program and be active participants in all facets of the program. 

Have questions about program expectations or requirements? Reach out to Dr. Bruce at, Dr. McKee at