The Oaks Leadership Scholars

Leadership. Equity. Justice. Inclusion. Action. Change.

Student leadership development is at the heart of what we do!

The Oaks Leadership Scholars program challenges NC State students to see themselves as leaders of change in their communities. The Oaks provides evidence-based transformative leadership development with the goal of reaching justice and equity outcomes through programming, mentoring, and travel. We hear the question, “Leadership for what?” and we say “For a better, stronger, and more just world.”

Join us.

“When I think about the Oaks program I think about all the ways that I found my voice. My year was a fundamental part of my undergraduate experience; from the incredible mentors to my excellent peers, this program is full of top notch people committed to helping others. I’m grateful for my experience with the Oaks Scholars and the ways that it still impacts my life today.”

Emily Beaver (Oaks Class ‘19/NCSU Class ‘20)

“Oaks creates leaders who are knowledgeable and willing to advocate for equal opportunity and accessibility for all people.”

Madison Adams (Oaks Class ‘21, Graduate Scholar ‘22/NCSU Class ‘21 & ‘23)